Warehousing & Distribution

Warehousing and Distribution

ATC International (ATC) provides hands-on attention to detail in a way that is typically not found in today’s highly-automated US service industries. ATC’s customer-driven approach is one of the reasons that ATC’s clients are so successful in the US market and it is why so many clients that start out in the US with, ATC stay with ATC.

At time of set up with ATC, each client is assigned a dedicated ATC Customer Service Representative which enables ATC to develop a “corporate memory” for unique characteristics or special client requirements. ATC’s exceptional customer service team is carefully trained to “catch” mistakes or oversights before they happen. ATC’s Customer Service Representatives will also offer advice when something does not look “quite right”. Clients greatly appreciate that ATC Customer Service Representatives communicate quickly and fully, particularly given time zone differences.

In addition to great customer service, ATC offers simple-to-use, advanced technology for real time, web-based visibility of all warehouse activity including receipts, shipments and inventory management. ATC’s Warehouse Management System (WMS) was selected specifically so that it is readily accessible from anywhere in the world and easy to use without a lot of hassle. In addition, ATC’s WMS system can be integrated with web based shopping carts, e-tailer ordering systems (i.e.; Amazon) and the EDI networks of larger retailers. The system also offers valuable reporting features in excel or CSV file format. ATC’s WMS reports can be used for uploading into client’s accounting systems or for batch reporting.

With over 20 years of import experience, ATC provides quick response and on the ground insight regarding import delays or other import-related concerns. ATC has several specialty registrations and licenses to assist with unexpected US import problems such US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) registrations, a variety of US Fish & Wildlife import licenses and an (FDA) Medical Device registration. US Customs can be complicated for overseas suppliers particularly in early stages of market development and, unlike most other US warehouses, ATC is there help to avoid or assist with import problems whenever possible.

In addition, ATC benefits from reduced costs and well-established, long term relationships with some of the best freight companies in the US domestic shipping industry. Through ATC’s freight networks and shipping experience, clients benefit from both volume based pricing as well as guidance and suggestions for how to ship more cost-effectively. Regular evaluation and ongoing freight cost analysis helps ATC to stay ahead of the best available shipping rates for all types of deliveries in the US marketplace.

Although ATC strives to always get it right the first time, should a problem arise, ATC will immediately work to resolve the matter and to satisfy the heightened needs of the end-customer as well as the client. In an unusual commitment to its accuracy and reliability, ATC guarantees to pay any chargeback related expressly to an ATC oversight (FYI, ATC pays very few chargebacks!).

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