Warehousing & Distribution

Warehousing and Distribution

ATC International (ATC) provides US-based warehousing services to small and medium sized manufacturers of consumer products. Ideal for high-end consumer products, ATC offers clean facilities, exceptional customer service, quick and precise order fulfillment and extraordinary attention to detail.

Ideal for Small Business
With a “no minimum” policy, ATC’s services are especially ideal for small but growing businesses. Using ATC, established businesses find that their orders are shipped more quickly and their warehousing costs are lower. By outsourcing the logistics to one or both of ATC's locations, business owners have more time to focus on sales and marketing: they no longer have to hassle with routing guidelines, CODs, returned merchandise or other shipping concerns. Small businesses will benefit from the above plus they gain access to ATC’s 20 years of experience in distributing consumer products in the USA.

Focus on Companies from Down Under
Originally ATC specialized in working only with companies from Australia and New Zealand – in fact - ATC originally stands for Australian Trading Company. Today ATC’s new clients are offered a selection of distribution options that have been developed through years of working with other successful exporters from “Down Under”. ATC’s set up allows companies to sell direct to US retailers for a fraction of what other US distribution arrangements may cost. Establishing networks through ATC also offers introductions to service providers that specialize in US-Australia-New Zealand business development.

ATC’s Pick & Pack Services are designed to assist companies that need to have stock on hand in the US. Pick & Pack services offer fast response to retailer replenishment orders, full service on EDI ordering, low cost sample shipping, and cost effective shipping to regional distributors. ATC’s Pick & Pack services enables managers and sales agents to focus on selling, while ATC looks after the logistics and filling the orders. more

Designed to assist companies new to the US market and/or companies that prefer not to hold stock in the US, ATC’s Cross-docking service is a cost effective form of “virtual” US-based warehousing. Shipments are “cross docked” through ATC’s warehouse only when orders are placed. ATC’s Cross-docking service provides the impression of holding stock in the US, without taking the risks of tying up cash in US-based inventory. more

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